Ace Therapeutics Expands Parasitology Research Capabilities by Introducing Parasite Testing Platform

Ace Therapeutics, an integrated research service company offering a wide range of parasitology solutions, services, and products, announced the expansion of its parasitology research capabilities with the introduction of its new parasite testing platform. The addition of parasite detection services to its diverse range of service expertise allows Ace Therapeutics to detect a broader spectrum of parasitic infections, contributing to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.


Parasitology is a complex field that involves the study and analysis of various parasites that can cause severe diseases in humans. With a state-of-the-art testing facility, direct access to global health experts, and a robust research arm, Ace Therapeutics can provide lab-quality parasite testing services, including parasite pathogenicity testing services, parasite immunology testing services, and parasite molecular biology testing services. Its new parasite testing capability allows researchers to study, identify, and diagnose these harmful entities more effectively, driving forward the constantly evolving battle against parasitic diseases.


By leveraging cutting-edge technology and research techniques, the parasite testing platform can strongly support experimental diagnosis and control of parasitic diseases. This precise diagnostic tool will significantly benefit the medical community, adding a new level of efficiency and accuracy to parasitic disease diagnosis and management. In addition to diagnosis accuracy, the system can provide vital information concerning the prevalence, distribution, and nature of parasitic pathogens as well.


“We are excited about the potential of our new parasite testing technology in propelling global parasitology research forward,” said the business development manager of Ace Therapeutics. “Our goal is to bring about a new level of precision, accuracy, and efficiency in the detection and treatment of Therapeutics diseases, and with this tool, we are well on our way.”


As a leading provider of Therapeutics disease research solutions, Ace Therapeutics continues to pave the way for advancements in parasitology research, and the introduction of parasite detection serves as a testament to their continuous pursuit of excellence in Therapeutics disease control.


About Ace Therapeutics


Ace Therapeutics is a scientific service provider dedicated to parasitology-related research. With a wide range of technology platforms including parasite detection, parasite sequencing, parasite genetic engineering, parasite microimaging, parasite culture, and parasite drug discovery and development, the company can support global research institutes, university researchers, and pharmaceutical companies in the area. Committed to ongoing innovation, Ace Therapeutics aims to improve global health by offering tools and services for the accurate detection and management of Therapeutics diseases.