How Human Written Content Is Better Than AI-Generated Text

In this digital age, where content is the most influential factor in the everyday lives of people, it is important to produce high-quality and informative text. This could be the only competitive and differentiating factor between different brands and websites.

However, it is an undeniable fact that AI has indeed produced algorithms that are capable of creating quality content without getting paid, tired, or errors. Human content still holds more value and importance for a number of reasons which are going to be discussed in this post.

Exploring A Wide Range Of Benefits Of Human Written Content

Human-written content generally provided by ghostwriting companies is of top-notch and can adopt almost every tone and style of writing. Some of the benefits of them are:

  • Relatable

The most important factor of human-written content that makes it easily differentiable from Ai generated content is its power to be relatable. It contains that human touch that automatically makes content easy to understand and relevant to the emotions, experiences, and perspectives of humans.

-generated might be more efficient than human content, but it will always lack that human touch that is able to create a genuine connection with readers.

  • Empathetic

Human content possesses the power to evoke empathy and emotional intelligence in readers that cannot be achieved through AI. Human tailors can always be tailored to evoke different kinds of emotions within readers because the content itself is generated through humans. 

A piece of content that is filled with emotions, passions, feelings, and different sentiments will be able to win the hearts of readers more quickly than a computerized text.

  • Informative

A big disadvantage of AI content is that it gives information based on already present facts and is devoid of any new and unique information. Whereas, with human content, you can yourself perform research and rely on your expertise to create unique and creative topics with useful information.

Human-generated content can also be modified to update information according to the latest trends and styles in the industry which will always remain useful for readers.

  • SEO-Optimized

Another great benefit that human content has over AI content is that it is readable and engaging and can be crafted according to the specific needs of readers. Whereas AI content is more often falling under spam or automatically generated content by Google which fails to get SEO-optimized. 

There are many SEO tips that you can incorporate into your human-crafted content to make it more readable and visible to users through various search engines.

  • Creative

Another essential element and signature remark of human content is its power to be creative. Human writers can brainstorm to create and explore more new and fresh ideas. They are able to think out of the box and transform the content in a unique way to make it give an innovative touch.

On the other hand, AI can only mimic creativity to an extent and ultimately relies on factual data, information, and patterns to create content.

  • Adaptable

Another advantage is that human writers are always able to adapt to new writing styles, voices, and tones that could cater to their targeted audience. It can easily be changed to fit the current market trends, consumer interests, and cultural changes.

While AI models always rely on their pre-trained algorithms, data, and patterns to create text and lack the flexible nature of humans.

  • Ethical

AI-generated content comes with many ethical concerns such as legitimacy, prejudice, and accountability issues compared to human-generated content. In human-generated content, accountability or responsibility is not an issue because they can be held accountable for their words.

Human-generated content is more secure and trustable with a high level of authenticity and ethical integrity than AI content.


All these irreplaceable elements like human touch, adaptability, empathy, creativity, etc. prove that human content will always be able to resonate more with readers than AI content emotionally.