Australia has an active skill migrant visa programme that is designed to ensure that skilled migrants from different countries fly down to Australia to fill the skilled workforce demand supply gap.

The Australian government is welcoming more and more skilled migrants from all across the globe to contribute to the sustainable growth of the economy. The skilled sector also contributes significantly to the regional economy by supplying skills and manpower that can’t be obtained regionally.

Australia Skilled Migrant Visa is your ticket to a new professional life with better growth opportunities. Know the requirements and steps to apply for the visa here, with us. 

Eligibility for Australia Skilled Migrant Visa

Skilled migrant work visa needs you to cater to some of the criteria that it puts forth for reviewing and processing your visa application. These are:

      You shouldn’t be older than 25-32 years.

      A minimum IELTS score of 2 is required.

      You must have at least approximately eight to ten years of work expertise.

       You must hold a doctoral degree. Government Patronage (it is not required, but if you can secure it, it will aid in your visa acceptance procedure.)

Process of getting Work Visa from Australia

A skilled worker visa entails a long process, but you should know about it before you apply. 

      Check your application and find your job profile under the skilled occupation list. There are 65 points to prove your eligibility. 

      Submit your EOI in the related skill programme. 

      Wait for the MEA to send you an invitation to begin with your visa application. 

      Gather your documents, like an academic certificate, a work portfolio, an ID, and a photo. 

      Submit your application after paying your fees of AUD 4,640 and wait for 60 days. 

Skills in Demand in Australia

Australia skilled visa is allocated to the individuals who are skilled in the professions which are in high demand with scarce workforces, for instance:

      Environmental Consultant.





Perks of Having a Australian Skilled Migrant Visa

Owning a skilled job in Australia has numerous perks that you should know about: 

      You can work as well as study anywhere in Australia. 

      Sponsor your relatives for jobs or studies in Australia. 

      Become a citizen after 5-8 years of your career. 

Bottom Line

It is a little tough to get the visa for skilled work in Australia, but with the right skill set, you can confidently go for it. So don’t lose hope and apply for your visa today so you can be eligible to do skilled work in Australia.