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Gil is one of the primary currencies used in FFXIV and can be used to purchase equipment, mounts and furnishings that sell at high prices on the Market Board.

Players can earn FFxiv Gil through combat, gathering, and leves; however, this method can take more time and may not always provide a steady supply.


Gathering classes can make significant profits in Final Fantasy XIV by staying ahead of the market. Gamers selling thousands of items an hour on Untimed Nodes may do just that; but to maximize efficiency they must understand melds and rotations to manage their time effectively.

Treasure Hunts are another popular way for players to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. These quests typically offer large rewards of Gil, EXP, Allagan Tomestones or gear.

Note that these methods of making Gil are not suitable for beginners as they require significant time investment to become effective. Furthermore, some activities might only occur occasionally and become an irrelevance to your Gil.


Gil is the currency used for crafting in-game items and equipment in Final Fantasy XIV. There are multiple ways of earning Gil through crafting, such as completing quests and selling items; players may also earn Gil by selling treasure dropped by enemies or obtained through Vyv’s quests in Lestallum; they may also gain Gil by participating in Ventures; an arena raid instance offering both GP and Gil rewards.

Gathering materials to sell for FFxiv Gil is generally not worth your time. Gathering can become a time sink with minimal return, taking up too much of your retainers when undercutting, farming or playing the market board might yield greater gains in terms of earnings. Mining remains by far the most cost-effective means of earning Gil.


Gil is used as the currency in the game to purchase items, equipment and Materia. You can obtain it as rewards from battles (depending on their rank and difficulty), in taverns or by selling Materia and equipment.

Gil is earned through killing enemies and can sometimes be found dropped after fleeing battle. Gil can then be used to bribe enemies to leave the battlefield or use Gil Toss – an ability which damages at the cost of some Gil – which causes additional damage.

As the MMOGAH cap continues to rise, or after taking an extended hiatus from playing, crafting is also an excellent way of getting yourself equipped with some custom gear and staying current in-game.

Old Sharlayan Leves

Gaining access to a significant sum of Gil is invaluable in any game, enabling players to freely move around, purchase equipment that will help reach endgame content more quickly, store up consumables for later, and so forth.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is with Old Sharlayan leves, tradecraft quests that pay out 5,040 Gil upon completion. Practical Command is one such tradecraft levequest that players can take up from Grigge in Old Sharlayan; once completed, players must craft three bottles of Commanding Craftsman’s Draught for Ahldryn in Old Sharlayan as part of this levequest.

Players should take up the levequest “Blast from the Pasta”, which requires them to craft three Chondrite Pliers bottles and deliver them to Ahldryn in Old Sharlayan for processing. Doing this will yield them an additional reward of 5,000 buy ffxiv gil, which makes for an attractive bonus opportunity!


With daily quests, buffs, and the HQ Aesthete set from the Endwalker expansion, it should be possible to level your Miner, Botanist or Fisher to level 90 without using any of your own Gil. Although it will take more time and patience than simply spending it all grinding to level them all up quickly – it’s certainly more effective!

Guildleves are an innovative new way of increasing leveling rates in gathering and crafting classes, issued by NPCs in the Adventurers’ Guild and completed to earn player guild marks. However, accepting company guildleves uses up part of your leve allowance which earns 800 Gil per battle and can be spent to purchase Materia at Tub & Crown Tavern.