Dont let your pet cry: Pet-Friendly Air Travel Guide

Traveling with your pet may be a fun experience, but it takes careful planning and understanding of airline rules. Each airline has its own set of policies; for more information, see their website or contact customer service. Determine if your pet may fly in the cabin or must be transported in the cargo hold based on their size and weight. Some airlines exclude certain breeds, particularly brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs and cats, owing to probable respiratory problems.

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Book your pet’s flight well in advance, as airlines sometimes limit the number of pets per flight. Be aware of the various pet travel prices and verify that your pet satisfies health and safety criteria, such as a vet visit and current vaccinations. If required, see your veterinarian regarding sedation; nonetheless, many airlines advise against it. Choose a carrier that satisfies airline size requirements, is well-ventilated, and clearly labeled with your pet’s information. To relax your pet, introduce them to the carrier at home, exercise them before to the journey, and feed them a small meal a few hours before departure.