Droidal’s Patient-Centric Prior Authorization Automation Service

In the United States, healthcare facilities follow strict procedures. One cannot get any treatment just like that. A citizen must get prior appointments for any medical procedure except for emergencies. Most healthcare facilities stick to manual appointment scheduling which makes it too hard for patients to schedule their appointments. 

That’s where Droidal comes in. We are a leading RPA company, and we aim to help healthcare facilities automate manual processes in their operations. By providing prior authorization automation services we have helped various healthcare facilities and patients. 

Here’s How We Make Prior Authorization More Patient-Centric

Speeding Up Approvals

One of the primary advantages of automating prior authorization speeds up the approval processes. At Droidal, we use technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly analyze and process authorization requests. This means faster approvals, minimizing the time patients spend in limbo between diagnosis and treatment.

Enhanced Communication

Prior Authorization Automation services enable real-time communication between healthcare providers, payers, and patients. Patients are kept informed about the status of their authorization requests through secure digital channels, reducing anxiety and uncertainty. This empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions, fostering a sense of control and involvement.

Personalized Care

At Droidal, we take a  personalized approach to prior authorization. We use patient data and historical information, systems can adapt to individual needs, expediting approvals for recurring treatments or known conditions. This personalized touch contributes to a patient-centric model, recognizing and valuing each patient as a unique individual with specific healthcare requirements.



We don’t do just the things we mentioned, we have various other prior authorization automation services that are more personalized and match the requirements of both patients and healthcare facilities. All you need to do is just to contact us. Our automation experts make sure to reach you sooner. Contact us today to get a free PoC!