Finding the Best Electricity Plans in Victoria: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Looking for the best possible electricity plan in Australia can be tricky. Many alternatives offer different types of deals so it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However it is good to know what’s out there, so you find the most suitable for you, matching your budget and values. This guide will provide help in comparing the various options with an aim to find the best electricity plan for your home or business.

Understanding Your Electricity Needs

Before you start looking for different electricity plans, take a little bit to get an idea of what your specific needs are. 

For example, 

  • Your typical average power use, your household size.

  • How much you normally rely upon power at specific hours of the day.

  • If you plan to get into any additional power usage such as charging an electric vehicle at home. 

This can help you choose between a ‘flat’ rate plan where the price remains the same, or a tariff that is based on time of use.

Comparing Electricity Providers in Victoria

The market of electricity retailers in Victoria shows its active participation, and there is a relatively large variety of choices because it is a competitive market. Some of the main ones are EnergyAustralia, AGL, Origin Energy, but there are others too. Each provider has his own benefits; some might offer green energy or give you discounts or rewards. It is important to compare these things with the prices to see who can give you the best offer.

Fixed vs. Variable Rate Plans

When comparing electricity plans, there are two main types: fixed and variable.


  • Fixed-rate plans keep the price of electricity the same for a set time. So, you are safe from the increases that may happen at any time, but on the downside of it, you are not going to benefit from price drops. 

  • On the other hand, variable rate plans change according to the market conditions, and so you may enjoy saving if the prices come down, but you could end up paying more if it goes up. Deciding between the stability of fixed rates and the potential savings of variable rates is important when choosing a plan.

Renewable Energy Options

The green plans are those where the type of energy used is from a renewable source, be it for full use or part use. It helps in supporting renewable projects. For those wanting to reduce their environmental impact, many providers in Australia offer green energy plans. Choosing a green plan supports renewable energy projects and is a great step towards being more environmentally friendly living.

Government Rebates and Incentives

Please be sure to check if there are any government rebates and incentives available to residents where you leave in Australia. These could possibly result in a decrease in the amount of electricity you pay for and make it easier for you to choose a sustainable solution. For instance, the Victorian Energy Upgrades program offers special coupons that enable the purchase of energy-efficient appliances at a real price-reducing rate.

Tools and Resources Designed to Help You Make the Right Choice

There are also tools and resources available to help you pick the best electricity plan:


  • Comparison Websites: Websites such as Energy Compare and MOVEE are an example of platforms where the users can get information on plans based on the different components of energy that suits their needs the best.

  • Customer Reviews: Reading reviews of real customers will make you understand the customer service level and whether they are reliable enough.

  • Free consultations: Some of the providers of energy also offer free consultations to learn how much power is used in your home and what the best choice is for your needs.


While Victoria’s electricity plan may seem intimidating but it’s really not. The choice is very wide, and you will be sure to find a place that will be ideal for you. Get an understanding of how much energy is being used, make an inventory of what power is available, take care of the environment and use the resources provided to you in making a good decision. Here, it is not the matter of expense only but of comfort versus what you value ultimately. Compare the prices now and then decide on the product that is perfect for you.


This guide is meant for you so that you can choose the best electricity plan in Victoria without being under stress. By doing a little research on your own, you can select a plan that is suitable as well as the one that beats climate change.