How do I Copy all my Emails from Hotmail to a Flash Drive?

Generally, people use Hotmail emails for sending and receiving emails. But have you ever thought if you can copy all my emails from Hotmail to a Flash drive. Then, here we will share the reliable process to download Hotmail emails to computer.

Hotmail is one of the most popular email applications around the globe. It’s an easy to use email service offering various unique features. Though Hotmail is free of cost, due to storage quickly filled issues users want to export all mailbox data from Hotmail to a flash drive.

Reason to Export All Mailbox data from Hotmail to a Flash Drive

  • Creating a backup of your mailbox data on a flash drive ensures that you have a secure copy of your emails, contacts, and attachments. This is essential for protecting against data loss due to hacking, accidental deletion, or server issues.

  • Having your mailbox data on a flash drive allows you to access your emails and other information without an internet connection. This can be particularly useful when traveling or in areas with unreliable internet access.

  • If you are transitioning to a new email service or a different email client, exporting your Hotmail data to a flash drive provides a straightforward method to transfer your data. It simplifies the migration process and ensures that no important information is left behind.

How to Copy all my Emails from Hotmail to a Flash Drive?

As Hotmail doesn’t offer any inbuilt feature to export mailbox data. So, we recommend you to opt Corbett Hotmail Backup Wizard is the best option as it allows export into multiple file formats.

  • Download wizard and run on your windows computer.

  • Enter Hotmail login credentials to connect to your account.

  • Browse Hotmail mailbox data as you want to export.

  • Then, choose file extension in the several options of export.

  • Finally, set the path and press save to get the result quickly.

Benefits of Expert Suggested Approach

  1. It allows users to change Hotmail to Outlook.

  2. You can easily operate this solution without hiring any experts.

  3. This software can also allow you to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail.

  4. This application is workable with all versions of windows operating system.

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Final Thoughts

In this guide, we have explained the reliable techniques to copy all emails from Hotmail to a Flash drive. As Hotmail doesn’t offer to export mailbox data officially. So, we have mentioned the best approach to complete the process without losing any information.