One of the most high rising topics nowadays is to add Netscape mailboxes into Outlook. As Outlook is commonly used for organization and personal usage. Due to these a batch number of users want to shift into Outlook. But as they are not familiar with the proper migration. So, Keep in mind these things that are going to explain the solution: migrate Netscape mailbox into Outlook manually and use MBOX to PST Converter.


Netscape is an email client which is not available nowadays and it was created by Netscape communication corporation. It can be accessed in both Windows and Mac Operating systems. Basically, Netscape is the combination of both Netscape and Newsgroup  and some features of netsuite edition. It supports both POP and IMAP protocol configured accounts to send and receive emails. 

Reason to Migrate Netscape Mailbox into Outlook 365

  • Outlook 365 benefits from Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure, including features like advanced threat protection, encryption, and multi-factor authentication to protect your emails from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

  • With Outlook 365, you can integrate with Microsoft Teams, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration within your organization.

  • Outlook 365 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), facilitating easy sharing and collaboration within the Office ecosystem.

  • Outlook 365 includes productivity tools like scheduling assistance, email categorization, and advanced search functions that enhance your workflow efficiency.

  • Outlook 365 offers a modern and robust email client with advanced features, such as integrated calendar, task management, and contact management, which are not available in the older Netscape Mail.


How to Migrate Netscape Mailbox into Outlook 365 Manually?

If you have familiar with the configured process with IMAP and installed both Outlook and Netscape application then you can follow the manual approach as we have discussed below:

  • First, open the Netscape application and click on Add Account.

  • Now, configure IMAP Account with it.

  • Then, select mailbox data and transfer to an IMAP Account as you wish to access Outlook.

  • After that, configure the same IMAP Account with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Then, transfer IMAP Account data into Outlook to access it.

Limitations of Manual Way

  1. Users must have needed to hire technical experts to perform the configuration process.

  2. During multiple configurations, there is a high possibility of data corruption.

  3. Attachments may not be mapped correctly into Outlook with manual approach.

How to Add Netscape Mailbox into Outlook Via Expert Suggested Approach?

The manual approach has lots of limitations and Netscape allows exporting mailbox data in MBOX format. So, we recommend you to opt Corbett MBOX Converter as it allows exporting into PST file extension to easily access it by using Outlook native import/export features.

  • First, the Download expert suggested a wizard and opened it on your computer.

  • Browse MBOX file and add it into the application interface.

  • Now, choose the PST file in the multiple option of export.

  • Finally, set destination and click on export to get output quickly.

Benefits of Expert Recommended Technique

  1. It can easily open MBOX file with this advanced utility.

  2. This wizard is very user-friendly to easily perform by all types of professional and individual users.

  3. You can also import MBOX to Gmail with this software.

  4. With this application, you can also take benefits to convert selective mailbox data as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.

  5. This wizard can also import MBOX to Outlook without any hassle.

Let’s Wrap Up


In this write-up. We have shared the reliable approaches to add Netscape mailbox into Outlook manually and expert recommended approach. As a manual solution required lots of installation and lots of configuration required. So, we recommend you to opt for an expert recommended approach to complete the process without any hassle.