How to Choose the Right Laboratory Furniture

Guide to Choosing the Correct Laboratory Furniture: Fitted or Flexible?


Finding the right laboratory furniture that meets all your team’s needs can be a thorough process. With numerous options available, it’s essential to explore the choices before making a decision. Let’s delve into the different types of laboratory furniture and their suitability:


1. Fitted Laboratory Furniture


Fitted furniture refers to permanent structures within the lab. Examples include cabinets, shelving, and workbenches. Here’s why fitted furniture might be the right choice for your lab:


Research-Based Science Labs: Fixed shelving or cabinets help maintain organization and efficient storage for research materials.

Safety Equipment: Fixed stations are ideal for safety equipment, ensuring quick access during emergencies.

Chemistry or Biology Labs: Safety equipment in these labs benefits from fixed furniture.

Electrical Equipment Areas: Labs with computers, generators, or other electrical appliances benefit from fixed locations.


However, fixed benching may not facilitate easy group work or accessibility.


2. Flexible Laboratory Furniture


While fixed furniture has been traditional, flexibility is gaining popularity. Here’s why you might need flexible furniture:


Adaptability: Mobile furniture allows you to change layouts and adapt to evolving needs.

Accessibility: Flexible furniture provides better accessibility for various applications.


How to Make the Right Choice?


1. Assess Your Lab’s Needs: Evaluate current and future requirements, considering space, experiment nature, safety protocols, and budget constraints.

2. Consider Flexibility: Define lab layouts based on working areas for optimal furniture installation.

3. Prioritize Quality: Ensure durability and functionality.

4. Position Safety Equipment: Place safety equipment strategically.

5. Efficiency Matters: Choose furniture that enhances workflow.

6. Budget-Friendly Options: Balance quality and cost.

7.Easy Maintenance: Opt for furniture that’s easy to maintain.


Remember, whether aesthetics or organization is your priority, informed decision-making ensures a well-equipped laboratory.

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