Timber Floors: The Timeless Choice for Sydney Homes

Timber Floors: The Timeless Choice for Sydney Homes

It is common knowledge that timber floors are appreciated for the naturalness and longevity of their shine. One cannot deny that timber flooring is highly recommended in Sydney, where elegance of style is essential, especially in new builds.

Engineered Timber Floors

An engineered timber floor has many layers of wood laminated together – providing solid timber’s natural look and feel with added stability and protection from variability in temperature and humidity.

Sydney Timber Floors

Sydney timber floors – Quality is a trade feature that makes this city special, from harbourside residential areas to verdant parklands and beachside escapades. The elegance of architectural bespoke designs offers all that and more, and timber flooring is seen as a stylish foundation for any decor.

Cleaning Timber Floors

A timber floor coat is to a floor what earrings are to a woman: sheer glam Extending the life of your timber floor coating is very simple.

Cleaning timber floors mostly entails sweeping or vacuuming once or twice a week to free the wood from the accumulated grime and grit and wet mopping with a damp (not wet), microfibre mop and a pH-neutral floor cleaner to solvents or breakaway gunk that has sticky spills.

Solid Timber Floors

Regarding flooring, there’s no more ‘traditional’ material than solid timber floors. Made from milling individual pieces of timber into planks, as the name suggests, solid timber floors capture warmth and character in their appearance that only wood can create. Each piece can be sanded and finished multiple times throughout the floor’s life.

Oak Timber Floors

Undoubtedly the strongest flooring choice, oak also features prominent grain patterns. It is a classic flooring material that will add elegance and charisma to the design of a space thanks to its deep shades and natural characteristics.

Whether traditional high-class timber or modern engineered flooring, timber floors are a beautiful, sustainable, durable, and elegant option for any Sydney home.

The Craftsmanship Behind Timber Flooring: From Solid to Engineered Elegance

Solid Timber Floors

Solid timber floors are at the purest end of the spectrum of natural, authentic – and often traditionally crafted – design. Wide format, solid timber flooring planks are sawn from one piece of timber, sometimes kiln or air-dried before sawing.

The timber can be cut in a number of ways: flat-sawn, quarter-sawn or rift-sawn, to produce a different visual profile. Each plank, cut to size, can be finished in the factory or left unfinished for a site-finished install.

A Closer Look at Engineered Timber Floors

Engineered timber floors can be recognised by their technological advantage over traditional floors. The floor’s top layer, usually lamella, is solid wood. It is bonded to a number of layers of plywood or hardwood.

All the layers are cross-laminated and glued under high pressure, creating a stable core that protects the floor against humidity and temperature variability. To the Sydney consumer, this makes engineered floors a better choice than other types of floors.

Oak Timber Floors

Oak solid timber flooring is valued for its robust strength and beautiful grain pattern. Oak floors are ideal for both solid and engineered flooring. An oak floor looks at home in any interior and can be refinished over carefully repaired decades.

Sustainability in Australia

Sustainable timber flooring. Australia is amongst the most progressive timber-producing countries in the world. Our progressive Forest Stewardship standards are some of the most rigorous in the world.

Australia is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the World Trade Organisation Convention on Biological Diversity, which are integral to Australia’s commitment to the principle of sustainable development.

Australian standard commodity systems, including Australia’s indigenous forestry standards, are recognised in international trade processes through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Responsible Wood certification programs.

Responsible wood-certified products are captured in the International Sustainability Assurance System (ISASS), which means they automatically meet the strict environmental and social standards for every retail brand a consumer might buy.

Cleaning Timber Floors

These floors in Sydney and elsewhere can be protected by ensuring they stay clean, by regularly sweeping out with a soft broom or vacuuming before mopping with a suitable cleaner.

This way, their longevity and attractiveness will be maintained, while the sustainable ethos that considers these timbers highly desirable as a usable resource is unquestionable.

The Fine Line of DIY: When to Call in the Pros for Timber Flooring

A DIY job in itself can be extremely rewarding, but sometimes, you should not be too ambitious, especially when it comes to in-situ laying of timber floors. Installing timber floors, either engineered or solid timber, can be quite challenging in terms of fitting them directly in situ.

But if you want your Sydney timber floor to look and function perfectly, leave your DIY kit behind.

Skills are Required

Their complicated grain patterns and other top-grade timber options mean oak timber floors demand a higher level of expertise than the casual DIYer can manage, and mistakes in installation – which can include screeds that are not flat, resulting in an uneven floor surface or gaps between the flooring, or cracks in the wood in the long-term – are very often the shortfall.

This is where carpenters in Sydney, NSW and carpenters in Sydney, in general, come into play. They install your flooring, but they will have the skills, tools and experience to do this correctly and beautifully. This is enviable in the up-and-coming areas of Sydney.

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of old-world solid timber or the sleek modernity of the latest in engineered floors, the materials that go into both types are shaped by centuries of an industry that cares about its craft and its product, which can make your home in Sydney a cleaner, greener, and more elegant place to live.


Timber floors, either the traditional solid timber or the modern engineered, will be the sustainable, durable and stylish choice for your Sydney home. They come today with all kinds of long-term warranties, so you don’t need to think about fitting engineered timber floors any time soon!