Trendy Handbags Women Are Buying in 2024

Handbag might seem like simple object of keeping your stuff but that’s more than what you think of. It’s simple the way you show your flair of style and keep all your stuff within it. It’s not just any leather bag, the more stylish and trendy it is, the more it’s suits you. Especially when you’re wearing a hot dress and you have a purse that matches the color. Well, you may not realise, but that bag plays a big role into making you look more good.

As every month and every week new trends are coming into the market, handbags aren’t the exceptions…Here’s what’s trendy in bags right now which we are about to discuss in this article. You can get your hands on these amzign bags with a 20% off from Guess discount code. They’ve got a whole bundle of unique bags that are really drool-worthy!

Mini Vertigo Boxy Top Handle Bag:

Mini bags are nowadays are thing among women ‘cause they are really unique in terms of the way they look. And designers know how to make them look even more fabulous. This bag is mini and so mini that it’s ultra light.

The color is black and the design is compact enought to take it anywhere. Plus, it looks really great. There’s more, you can take this bag anywhere with your hands or you use the adjustable chain and faux leather strap (detachable) so you could wear it on your shoulder without taking it into your hands. This makes the bag even more flexible. It’s so small that it looks unique and new things always get attention. I bet you’re gonna get a ton of attention when you’ll be wearing it with suits especially if you wear the black suit. It’s available at the Charles & Keith online store easily.

Cessette bags:

These bags are luxury designer brands from Bottega Venita and they are all made with leather with tons of pattern and design. They were introduced in 2019 and are still popular due to their luxury style. One of the model of this bag is Small Brick Cassette…which comes in many color but lets talk about the navy and white color. There’s a design of square boxes on the bag which feels like ocean type as there are mixed and creative splashes of both colors. There’s a simple strap on top and overall square design. You can keep a ton of things in it as it is big enough. I’d say, this bag is for those who want design and keep many things in their bags. This makes it a perfect bag. There are so many other patterns and designs you’ll find this bag, you can explore all of them at the website of Bottega Veneta. Though the prices are steep and going more than 2000 euros. But it’s why they’re called luxury Italian designer bags afterall.

Pillo Bags:

Pillow bags are known for their soft leather and softness plus being comfortable and soft. They have the softest leathers from outside. This is the kind of unque and that’s why it’s been on the edge of trend and women are loving these kinds of bags. Here’s the Pillow Tabby Shoulder bag from Caoch brand.

This bag has a super soft leather and big design. It has a longer design which means it’s also ideal if you keep a lot of stuff in your bag. And they say the design in inspired by Coach’s 1970s design. The handle is slim and small and it has a side pocket as well. You can buy this bag around $50 from the Coach Outlet official website.

Chain strap bags:

These bags are another stylish ones with chains used instead of the leather straps, this is what makes them. There are different kinds of bags with different chains making them the unique choices. Plus they’re small as well. If you are looking for extra layer of style, these chain bags can be your choice.

Charlot Raffia Chain Strap Bag from Charles & Keith is the unique bag with yellow design, a chain and a yellow leather strap attached with it. This bag is also available in pink color but what makes it even more unique is the small design like a school girl bag.

It’s perfect for keeping your phone if you’re going out and other small stuff. It’s lightweight as well which makes it a great choice for women who don’t keep much stuff.

This bag is made with 20% organic and sustainable materials which makes it durable as well. Overall it it has small design which makes it look very cute. The bag will suit best with young girls. Plus, the strap can even be detached if you want.

Wrap Up:

These were the trendy bags are on trends especially for summer. The lightweight and small bags are best for daily commute. But for occasional events, big bags are suitable.