Where did Omnia Fouad get the idea for Omnia Stores?

The CEO of Omnia Stores had a simple but powerful idea: people need to have that little extra luxury in their lives. But she understood that those flashy jewelry and accessories were mostly pricey and thus unaffordable to most people. That is why she decided to open this Store. She sought to create unique, well-crafted jewelry and accessories with prices affordable to anyone. 

Her Idea

She had a simple but powerful idea: everyone is entitled to a little splurge, once in a while. Nevertheless, she was aware that the expensive jewelry and accessories were usually unaffordable for most people. For this reason, she decided to begin This store. She intended to design beautiful, high-quality pieces that are also affordable at the same time. 

She got her inspiration from observing and listening to people around her. She realized that an ever-increasing number of people sought novel and trendy jewelry, but they usually didn’t find exactly what they looked for in a regular store. These shops were too similar in design, and their prices were either too high or often confusing. Omnia Fouad believed that she could do better. 

She wanted to push the boundaries of luxury being available to everybody. Customer service was her priority. Thus, This brand introduced live chat support, product warranties, and easy repair services as additional features. They all made that luxury feel complete and more satisfactory. 

People were very enthusiastic about Her suggestion. In just a few years, This store went from a small startup to a successful business. Currently, there are multiple Omnia Stores, and the brand is expanding to other regions within the GCC. She is forever developing new ideas, for example, working together with wedding planners and introducing lab-grown diamond jewelry. 

The Seed of an Idea

That was what made her question. “How can I make these jewelry pieces accessible to everyone?”.  She began to read the jewelry market. She realized that online shopping was becoming more and more popular because it was convenient and offered more choices. At the same time, she noticed that people were starting to prefer lab-grown diamonds, which were not only more affordable but also better for the environment than mined diamonds. These observations contributed to some of her business ideas. 

Another thing She noticed was that the jewelry industry was not always very transparent. It wasn’t always clear what the prices were which meant you had to guess if you were getting the best deal. She thought that being sincere and upfront with customers was key to building confidence. She also noticed that many jewelry stores had poor customer service. 

 Putting all these things together, She started to see her picture. She imagined an online store. This store featured handmade, premium-quality jewelry and other accessories that were reasonably low-priced. The store would be open and honest about its prices, use materials that were good for the environment, and provide excellent customer service. 


All of her efforts paid out. She quickly gained popularity among customers because of good quality at affordable prices and friendly service. Her journey from a simple idea to a thriving business is an inspiration to anyone who has the dream of starting their own company.